About Eastminster Preschool

Ranked a 4-Star Quality Preschool by the State of Michigan, Eastminster Preschool has provided quality preschool education to area children since 1973. Our curriculum is based on skills for kindergarten readiness, with a play-based and child-centered focus.

The enriched and exciting learning environment offers unparalleled space to move and learn. It inspires a child’s natural curiosity, promotes self-discovered knowledge, encourages independence, and builds self-esteem.

With low student/teacher ratios, the classes are taught by teams of licensed and bachelor-degreed teachers, possessing the highest level of education and experience available in our area. These highly-qualified and enthusiastic teachers provide an curriculum which is developmentally-appropriate and fosters social, emotional, physical, and language growth.

Our goal is for each child to leave preschool with enhanced knowledge, independence, self-confidence, creativity, self-control and a love for learning. They will attain the foundational skills for success in kindergarten and beyond.

Degreed & Licensed Teaching Staff

Jennifer Mercer

CDA license; A.A. Grand Rapids Community College Special Interests: early childhood special education, storytelling 15 years experience

Jennifer Waalkes

K-8 license; B.A. Calvin College Special Interests: science, reading instruction 10 years experience

Amy Karel

K-6 License; B.A. Calvin College, Certified Kindermusik Instructor. Special Interests: music & movement, language arts. 16 years experience.

Debra Collins

Masters level major in speech pathology; B.A. Calvin College. Special Interests: speech pathology, language development. 20 years experience.

Kathy Sneller

K-8 License; B.A. Calvin College. Special Interests: music, language arts, children’s literature. 25 years experience.

Donna VanderLinde

K-8 License with ZA. early childhood endorsement; K-12 fine arts license, B.A. Calvin College. Special Interests: art, learning disabilities. 26 years experience.

Shannon Rybarsyk

M.Ed. Grand Valley State University; K-8 License with ZA early childhood endorsement; B.A. Albion College. Special Interests: sensory integration, developmental delays, kindergarten readiness. 30 years experience.
Melissa Marsh

Melissa Marsh

M.Ed. Grand Valley State University; K-8 License, B.A. Michigan State University Special interests: differentiated instructions, children’s literature, reading readiness 14 years experience

Wendy Zwiers

M.Ed. Western Michigan University; K-8 License with ZA early childhood endorsement; B.A. Calvin College. Special Interests: music, children’s literature, story telling. 18 years experience.